Maintenance Management Solutions

Maintenance is about doing the right thing, at the right time, consistently.

Consider this thought

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

 Maintenace management assists organisations to benchmark their performance (Maintenance System Review), or establish mentors that aid the implementation of maintenance improvement strategies. AMS can assist in the selection of an appropriate Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or manage the establishment and implementation of an isolated or integrated CMMS with other business functions.

Maintenance Strategy

A process of applying preventative and predictive logic.

Maintenance Review

A comprehensive, independent audit for reliability.

Maintenance Implementation

Coaching personnel for optimum maintenance outcome.

Maintenance Strategy Development for Reliability

Fundamental to the reliability of plant and equipment is a well constructed maintenance strategy detailing the preventative and predictive maintenance requirements for all plant assets. AMS guide clientele through the development of a sound maintenance strategy that follows tried and proven methodologies.

Our experience has proven that the best results are obtained by utilising a small number of experienced site personnel to work with our consultants on an as required basis to add ownership to the process, additionally to educate site personnel in the process of developing maintenance plans. This process has proven particularly effective at developing maintenance plans for new plant and equipment being constructed. This allows the equipment to start with a detailed and efficient maintenance plan from day one of operation.

Maintenance System Review & Audit

The maintenance review is a comprehensive audit and analysis of the maintenance and reliability function. The review focuses upon four key areas of maintenance (Systems, Inventory, Plant and Resources) and allows clients to easily benchmark their performance. This is critical in measuring the effectiveness of any maintenance optimization program that may be undertaken. AMS have successfully utilised this approach in multiple countries across various clientele. This modular approach is infinitely variable to cater special client needs. AMS additionally undertake an abbreviated version to assist client implementation of maintenance optimisation programs.

Maintenance Improvement Plan Implementation

From years of experience working with maintenance organisations throughout Australia and Asia, AMS have found that the most effective results come from coaching client personnel in how to implement and maintain results from maintenance optimisation programs. AMS personnel act as the coach and mentor for client personnel, and provide the drive and motivation to achieve improved results as well as assisting to implement change via education in the maintenance process.

The use of AMS personnel in coaching client advocates has proven particularly successful, as AMS personnel are not distracted by the normal day to day plant operational issues and can therefore provide the appropriate time and support to implement maintenance improvement programs. Combined, this allows site personnel the time to absorb the change and gain the ability to sustain the change.

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