Condition Monitoring Techniques & Outcome

Condition monitoring, an often misquoted term, is a valid maintenance strategy typically applied to high value or critical equipment. Typical techniques commonly utilised are vibration analysis, oil analysis and thermography. The big question is… when should condition monitoring be used and which technique will provide maximum benefit?

This module is an in-depth review of currently employed techniques and examines the logic behind the application of each technique.

The review typically follows the following steps:

  1. Determine which techniques are used currently.
  2. List equipment in the program.
  3. Establish equipment criticality.
  4. Establish overall business objectives.
  5. Determine which other preventative maintenance techniques are in use.
  6. Select a technique(s) that meet business objectives.
  7. Implement the change to the existing program.

This is a very simple methodology, but surprisingly many condition monitoring programs are never reviewed to establish their continued relevance to the organisation. This can sometimes lead to overspending and in the worst case, the program becomes outdated.

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